About Ghostbin


Ghostbin is a paste service, and I’m going to skip explaining precisely what that is—it’s fairly obvious. The real interesting questions are “why did you build it?” and “where did I get all these bees?”

For the first, I’d like to first list my inspirations and driving motives. When I started, I’d recently fallen in love with a small font named Envy Code R. I’d wanted to put together a paste service (under my own control) for some time, and Envy provided the final impetus; It made my code look awesome—more awesome, in fact, than my code truly was.

At nearly the same time, I’d decided that I wanted to learn Go. The confluence of these two endeavours could not have been more piquant.

Other popular, functional and attractive pastebin services certainly do exist, but I found them to be somewhat lacking:

Ghostbin is an attempt at not only solving the above, but also solving some issues in the industry such as, but not limited to, me not knowing Go. It’s open-source and I don’t think it’ll be going anywhere any time soon. It supports encryption, expiration, pastes up to one megabyte, and about six billion languages. Well, some hundreds at the very least. Also, doesn’t that paint job look simply dandy?

And—get your bees away from me. I don’t even know what you were expecting in bringing them here.

Dustin L. Howett